Natural Perfume Oil (Gardenia)

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Natural Perfume Oil (Gardenia)

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Gardenia Natural Perfume Oil Pure Essential Oils with Hawaiian Kukui Nut and Coconut Oil 5ml roll-on bottle

  • Materials: Kukui nut oil, vitamin E, Aloha, Coconut oil, pure Gardenia, Orange, Lemon, Ylang ylang essential oils

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Pure essential oil of Gardenia is added in the base of Hawaiian Kukui Nut and natural coconut oils.  Roll-on top makes easy application.  Enjoy the natural and pure floral scents.  

Size: 5ml (0.16 oz) roll-on bottle  
Scent: Perfumy, sweet rich flowery deep 
Essential oils:  Gardenia, Ylang ylang, Orange, Lemon

Ingredients: Hawaiian Kukui oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, pure essential oils (Gardenia, Ylang ylang, Orange, Lemon), and Aloha